Wednesday 16 January 2019
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africanews - 4 days ago

Miss Algeria turns into victim of racism

Immediately after the pageant, young miss Algeria, Khadija Ben Hamou, stood torn between the joy of winning and the criticism of those describing her as ugly over a skin colour they term dark. Her critics took to the internet and flooded racist words and hate messages while questioning how dark she is in complexion. 26 year old Khadija, from the country’s vast desert south, is the first southerner to win the title that gives her a shot at the Miss World crown. ‘‘Algeria is a big country with south, east, north and west, we come from every city, we all represent Algeria and there are 48 states. I represented the south and I won the title of Miss Algeria and they wondered how the South won’‘ she said,dismising the criticisms. ‘‘I hope I won’t disappoint them. I say to the ones who criticise me, may Allah grant you guidance, and to the ones who encouraged me, may God protect you and thanks for your encouragement “,she added. More than 75 percent of Algerians live in the north, with most prominent figures in public life being lighter-skinned northerners. While some say she is not pleasing to the eye and a ‘‘shame”, others applauded her beauty describing her as a shade of Algeria’s endless types of beauty Hawa Suleiman Issah

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